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I am a psychic medium. While I’m not offering mediumship readings, (not yet anyways!), I do offer tarot readings! If you want a reading, just click one of the options below. Once you have purchased the read, send me a message using the contact form. There is one just below this text, and another further down to save you from scrolling.

How it works

When I perform a tarot reading, I will first note the interpretations and ‘pings’ I get psychically when I have drawn the cards. I will photograph the spread and send the photo to you with my interpretation. Since my Everyday Tarot cards comes with a guidebook, I will also let you know what the book has to say on the matter. There are times when what I interpret does not match the guidebook, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I was wrong. Tarot cards are tools that psychics often use as a type of key, unlocking the heightened vibrational state of mind necessary to seek answers psychically.

Please include the following in your message:

  • Name,
  • PayPal name or email (so I know who paid what),
  • what you would like for me to divine,
  • and last but not least, your preferred contact method and information.

Here are the options:

One Card Spread

When you are re-routed to PayPal, include your question and an email where I may contact you in the notes. Your email will only be used for the reading, (so no spam!) and I will NEVER sell or share your email. The draw will come with a photo of the card, an explanation that's provided by Everday Tarot's guidebook, and my interpretation of the card, per messages received psychically.


Three Card Spread

Past, Present, Future Problem, Solution, Results...Another three-card spread that's most fitting to your question! (I would email you first to make sure you are okay with the spread). Send me your question and an email address to contact you. Your email will never be used for anything other than the reading, and will NEVER be sold or shared.


Seven Card Spread

Celtic Cross, 7-day spread, Week Ahead, and more! Send me your question and an email to contact you, and together we will discuss spread options (as there isn't space here for all the options). Your email will never be used for anything other than the reading, and will NEVER be sold or shared.


I have been psychic my whole life, but I have taken several classes on developing my abilities for the purpose of using them professionally. I am also quite proud to say that I have received incredible feedback from previous clients, so I am confident enough to tell you I will do my best to help you out, to guide you in your situation. With that said, if you are unhappy with your read, I will perform another reading for free.

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