Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Musings

I am a psychic medium. While I’m not offering mediumship readings, (not yet anyways!), I do offer tarot readings! If you want a reading, just click one of the options below. Once you have purchased the read, send me a message using the contact form. There is one just below this text, and another further down to save you from scrolling.

How it works

When I perform a tarot reading, I will first note the interpretations and ‘pings’ I get psychically when I have drawn the cards. I will photograph the spread and send the photo to you with my interpretation. Tarot cards are tools that psychics often use as a type of key, unlocking the heightened vibrational state of mind necessary to seek answers psychically. That means they are not intended to tell you the future – they advise, and can lay out a roadmap of likely outcomes.

I always attach a photo of the spread when I email your analysis. The readings are analyzed carefully, and an in-depth explanation is sent with the photo. Should I need to pull an extra card for clarification I will do so at no extra charge. After purchasing your spread, use the form below to send me your question!

Step 3. Look for my email!